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Synthetic slag

Almex and Almex Al2O3 synthetic slags are manufactured as a result of our company’s cooperation with the Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy in Gliwice. They are intended for use in steel refining operations both inside and outside the furnace. The products are offered in the form of granules with particle size ranging from 3 to 25 mm, which facilitates proportioning and eliminates dusting while burdening. They have a low melting point, high reactivity and show strong reducing and refining, especially desulfurizing, properties.

Their particular advantage is that they do not emit harmful substances, like fluorides, when being used. They contain a small amount of aluminium metal, which improves their reducing properties. This reduces the need to add primary aluminium and makes the steel production process more economical. A low content of carbonates improves slag foaming, attenuates heat from the electric arc and prevents gas pick-up from the atmosphere. Thanks to their fluxing properties the products can replace other fluxing agents, like bauxite or fluorite. The products can be used at all steel plants that have out of furnace steel processing equipment.

Almex Al2O3

Recommeded dosage:

- for deoxidizing when tapping steel to a ladle: 2–3 kg per one tonne of molten steel

- for refining and fluxing slag in a ladle furnace: 2–4 kg per one tonne of molten steel

- for refining slag foaming in a ladle furnace: 1– 2 kg one tonne of molten steel

- Al2O3    min. 60% including max. 5% of primary aluminium

- CaO    max. 7%

- SiO2     max. 7%

- MgO   max. 7%

- H2O    max. 2%

- Fe2O3 max 3%

- calcination losses – 16%

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