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Hermex operates in the broadly understood metallurgical waste processing industry. Our company specialises in processing aluminium production waste in the form of slags, and white and black dross. Hermex owns a “zero waste” technology for processing coarse aluminium dross which can also be used to process fine material (<2mm). The aluminium granulate that we produce limits the generation of the troublesome and non-recyclable salt cake.

Our offer includes metallurgical waste processing services. We have our own equipment and machinery for briquetting, granulation, grinding and sorting dross and other waste. We have been successfully providing customised grinding services for foreign customers.


Processing aluminium, bronze, brass, copper and other dross


- magnetic separation of metallic and non-metallic fraction

Other services


- material crushing and grinding (including very hard materials) according to customer specification, with grain size even < 100µm


- refining and sorting waste and fine material into fractions according to grain size and chemical composition


- grain classification


- briquetting and granulating

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